Top 10 Furnace Brands of 2022 – Selecting the Best Furnace Brand

When it comes to furnace brands, doing your research is key. Committing to purchasing new appliances is difficult, but it is a necessary part of owning your own home. There is a lot of information out there that can be hard to sift through, and not all appliances are created equal.

The best furnace companies provide value for money; they offer quality equipment, expert installation, and excellent customer service as well. Not all companies on the list work across the country, so location will also affect which services you may be able to access. This list was compiled using customer reviews, product information, and other metrics for determining the value of these furnace companies.

A good furnace manufacturer and company will offer furnace repair, reliable customer service, and a warranty that protects your equipment. With all those considerations in mind, here is a list of ten of the top furnace brands and why they rank as high quality options for your next furnace purchase.

Top 10 Furnace Brands

1. Goodman

Goodman brand furnace

Goodman Furnaces rank first on the list for their high quality of customer service and use of durable and efficient equipment. Additionally, Goodman provides excellent value for money. Goodman has long been a known name in the industry for quality and service. Under the Goodman brand also falls Amana and Daiken, two other furnace manufacturers.

Goodman furnaces are reliable and come with a strong warranty, along with a fantastic reputation for customer service and Denver furnace repair.

2. Amana

amana brand furnace

Amana falls under the Goodman brand and is well known in the industry for being affordable, durable, and economical. Amana furnaces use the same technology and internal components as Goodman does, which makes servicing and repairing these furnaces quick and easy. Amana furnaces are gas powered and come in high efficiency and standard efficiency models. Amana offers lifetime warranties on their furnaces, which increases their appeal for buyers looking for a new furnace. They also offer coordinating systems that pair a furnace with an air conditioning unit for reliable energy savings and comfort all year round.

3. Daiken

Daiken brand furnace

Daiken is another fairly well-known brand and it owned by Goodman Manufacturing, the first on the list of top furnace manufacturers. Daiken offers excellent value for money, and uses top quality technology to make a furnace that will last for many years. Daiken is also affordable, coming in at about half the price of the brand Amana, and comparable to the brand name Goodman furnaces that are also available.

Daiken is known for providing energy-efficient furnaces and other appliances.

4. Bryant

Bryant Brand Furnace

Bryant is owned by the same company that manufactures the furnaces for the brands Day & Night as well as Carrier. Bryant offers the same technologies as its more well-known brand counterparts, but can be found at more affordable prices. Bryant uses many of the same internal components in their furnaces as Day & Night and Carrier.

Bryant’s reputation among furnace manufacturers and installers is high, although their prices have started to rise in recent years. Furnace repairs Denver are easy to make, because Bryant shares many of the same machinery technologies with partner brands.

5. Rheem

Rheem brand furnace

Rheem makes high quality furnace that is also ranked in terms of affordability. This brand is reliable and durable, which makes it a good furnace purchase. Depending on where you live, Rheem furnaces sometimes are paired with Rheem air conditioners. The air conditioners from this brand aren’t known for being incredibly reliable, which is why this brand ranks lower on the list. However, buying the furnace as a standalone option will be beneficial for some homes.

6. Ruud

Ruud brand furnace

Ruud furnaces are another reliable, if not overly popular, choice for people who are looking for a furnace that is durable and affordable. Both the Rheem and Ruud furnace companies are owned by the same company, and both have much better reputations for their furnaces than they do their air conditioners.

As they share common manufacturing and technology, Rheem and Ruud appliances aren’t as difficult to find parts for and offer affordable furnace repairs should something break or wear out.

7. American Standard

American Standard brand furnace

American Standard makes furnaces, air conditioners, toilets, and urinals. This company is owned by Trane, which also manufactures the same items. Both Trane and American Standard offer the same products for very similar prices. American Standard does make reliable furnaces, but they can tend to run on the more expensive side of things compared to other brands.

8. Trane

Trane brand furnace

Trane and American Standard both offer residential and commercial furnace units. If you need a furnace for a commercial space, Trane makes a highly durable and reliable furnace that will run for many years to come. One of the reasons they rank lower on the list of top quality furnace brands is because they are more expensive, in addition to using some of the same internal components as other furnace manufacturers.

9. Carrier

Carrier brand furnace

Carrier is part of the Day & Night family of furnace brands. They rank low on the list because they offer the same furnace technology under the brands Day & Night and Bryant, but at a much higher price point. Although the Carrier name may be recognizable, there are better options for furnaces to be had.

Although Carrier is overpriced, they do make a sturdy and reliable product. Unfortunately their customer service and warranty offerings have something to be desired as well.

10. Lennox

Lennox brand furnace

Lennox brings up the end of the list as a once-popular, now outdated name in the heating and cooling industry. Their customer service is sub-standard, and they use different internal components for their machinery than the other brands do. This means that if a Lennox furnace breaks, the parts to fix it may not easily be found. Their repair fees are much higher than other brands. Although Lennox furnaces are pricier than other brands, they do make a durable furnace.


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