Tips for Buying a New Furnace for Your Historic Home

Purchasing any piece of property is a a big decisions, but some properties are a greater investment and risk than others, like historic homes. Historic homes provide a unique, gorgeous architectural structure that will define the neighborhood and community. They can be a brilliant purchase for people who want to live in a unique home that holds a timeless history. Still, as mentioned, historical homes can come with their fair share of challenges. Historical homes often have unique needs, that make it especially important to work with HVAC professionals. In today’s blog, Denver’s Best Heating and AC Repair, will share a few tips on a buying a new furnace for your historic home.

Perhaps the best way to choose a furnace for your historical home is by first discussing the three primary types of furnaces, high-efficiency, mid-efficiency, and conventional .


As the name suggests, high-efficiency furnaces are the most effective operating in excess of 90% efficient. While this suggests that high-efficiency furnaces are the best for your residential home, they actually work best in a commercial building. Residential homes, particularly historical homes, typically do not need a furnace of this efficiency. Instead, we encourage you to consider a mid-efficiency or conventional heating system. 


Mid-efficiency units typically run at 80 to 90% efficiency. Many mid-efficiency furnaces do not require a chimney, which may be a useful future for modern homes, but is likely unnecessary if you are a historical homeowner. Mid-efficiency furnaces are especially popular amongst homeowners, consequently, they come with a number of unique features you can choose to add-on. Speak to our team of HVAC professionals to learn more about mid-efficiency furnace design features and accessories. You may find this sort of furnace offers the exact amount of design flexibility your historical home demands.


The third most common furnace is a conventional unit. Conventional furnaces are the least energy efficient, operating at a 75 to 80% efficiency level. This lower efficiency level may be exactly what a smaller historical home calls for. Also, many conventional heaters require a chimney — a convenient design feature in most historic homes.

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