Is Your Furnace Making Noise? Here’s What It Could Be Trying to Tell You

Why is my Furnace Making Noise?

You can expect your furnace to make a little bit of noise when it’s operating. In fact, you might welcome the sound of your furnace kicking on when your home starts to get a bit cold. However, if your furnace is making strange and/or excessively loud noises, it is likely an indication that something’s wrong with your Heating System. Here are some reasons why your furnace might be making noises and what you should do when it happens.

1. The furnace is rumbling or growling.

Translation: Your furnace making noise that sounds like a low-pitched rumbling or growling can be the result of a pilot light that needs to be adjusted. This is especially true if the sound occurs when your furnace is not in a heating cycle. In addition, dirty burners can create a rumbling or growling sound while your system is operating.

2. Furnace makes a loud boom when starting up.

Translation: If your furnace makes a loud boom when it starts up (sounding similar to a small explosion) there is likely a build-up of gas in the area around your burners when they ignite. This can happen when your burners are dirty or when there are other ignition problems with your system. Regardless of the cause, this is a dangerous sound to hear and should be taken care

3. Furnace squeals.

Translation: There is too much friction between your systems moving parts. The source of this issue is typically your furnace’s blower motor, which will give off a squealing or grinding sound when its parts are rubbing together. Common causes include unlubricated bearings, worn out bearings and a slipped or worn out belt.

 4. The furnace is making a banging or clanking sound.

Translation: One or more of your furnace’s parts have loosened or moved, and those parts are banging against the rest of your system. This is another issue that is often be linked to the blower because its parts can become loose or dismounted over time.


What’s Next?

Contact Denver’s Best Heating and AC Repair as soon as you hear strange furnace noises. Any time your furnace begins to make strange or loud noises, you should call Denver’s Best Heating and AC Repair right away. As you read above, some furnace noises can indicate problems that create a safety hazard in your home. In addition, most problems with your furnace that create noises will get worse with time and can damage multiple parts of your system. If you have any questions about your furnace making noise, or if you’d like a heating system serviced or installed in your home, contact Denver’s Best Heating and AC Repair, your furnace installation and repair specialists!