Does Summer Heat Impact Indoor Air Quality?

Our access to clean air is an important component in living a healthy lifestyle. It is especially important that our living and working environments maintain a healthy indoor air quality

Scientists and environmentalists believe air quality worsens during the summer months, because heat essentially cooks airborne toxins. Considering recent climate trends, it can be estimated that poor air quality due to a hot climate is only likely to increase in the common years. Logically,  urban environments are more likely to be impacted by poor summer air quality. Urban environments are prone to more human activity which produces more toxins.

While environmentalists, politicians, and scientists are working to find solutions to global warming and climate control, many people want air quality solutions now. Besides choosing a location with a greater air quality and actively reducing our carbon footprint, it is difficult for a single individual to control their outdoor air quality, but there are steps we can take to live in a more easy-breathing home.  Below are two appliances that will improve your home’s air quality, even during the summer months:


For an airy, breathable home invest in a humidifier and air filters. Humidifiers while add moisture to your home, keeping your home’s climate moist, and refreshing. Humidifiers have been known to reduce asthma attacks, sinusitis, and other respiratory problems. It’s an excellent appliance for people who want to improve their health, especially if they suffer from any of the above problems. Work with our team of specialist to find the humidifier that will work best your your home.

Air Filters

Humidifiers are a fantastic purchase if you’re looking to improve your home’s air quality, and it pairs well with an air filter. Air filters will remove toxins, dust, and debris that enter your home. Work with the professionals at Denver’s Best Heating and AC Repair to install a humidifier and air filters in your home or business this spring. Invest in these HVAC accessories before the hot summer heat hits.

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