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Looking for a new swamp cooler for your home and office? Not sure whether to buy one or not? TO make it a bit easier for you here’s a list of benefits vouching that a swamp cooler is something you shouldn’t miss out on:

1. Conserving Energy: We all know the importance of conserving energy and so it happens that a swamp cooler is a perfect fit for it. It works the same way as an air conditioner but uses much less electricity.

2. Purifying the Air: These coolers contain air pads that are moist and serve as air filters keeping the dust particles out and sending in fresh air.

3. Humidifying the Air: Coolers work great as humidifiers keeping the air moist to prevent your fabrics and furniture from drying out.

4. Adjustable: The best part is coolers work for any type of setting as long as the humidity levels are in check. So you can easily use these in garages, halls, etc.

5. Affordable: Whether you want to buy one, maintain one, or install one, swamp coolers are inexpensive in every way compared to air conditioners.

Now that we’ve convinced you that swamp coolers are awesome for your homes and offices, there is one more thing that you should be prepared for after you’ve bought a cooler, taking care of it.

Swamp coolers require your attention twice a year when you will have to get it serviced. Best times for maintenance include the start of cooling season and the mid of summers. Maintenance of this machine increases its efficiency and extends its life as well.

Here’s a DIY tutorial on servicing your swamp cooler:
Step-1: First remove the air pads and clean the frames thoroughly. You can use a brush to clean the frames properly, and then use a cooler protectant to coat the surfaces.

Step-2: You will have to clean the reservoir by draining and flushing it. After that use the protectant and clean the scale with a brush or wire.

Step-3: Next comes the water distribution system, check the tubing for cracks and replace if you find any. The pump impeller will have to be lubricated with motor oil, SAW 20. The pump screen will also need cleaning.

Step-4: Check the electric wires and other connections to make sure that everything is secure and the insulation is intact. In case of cracks repair all worn parts.

Step-5: Check the belt tension and adjust it so that a moderate pressure causes the belt to depress about one inch at the center. Adjusting motor bolts properly can fix the belt.

Step-6: Start adding water and make sure that the water level is good enough to wet the cooler pads, this helps with efficiency and reduces risk of having dry spots. It is best to maintain three inches of water by adjusting the float valve.

Step-7: Finally replace the pads and the frames. Your cooler is all set.

A few more tips…
During winter when you are not using the cooler, drain all the water, cut the water supply, disconnect the electricity to it, and cover the cooler. This will keep the system functioning properly when you decide to use it again.
In case you have any trouble with the installation and maintenance, you can always give us a call and we will be at your service. We provide HVAC installation and repair services in Denver at very affordable prices. Our customers have always been happy with us and we can bet you will be too once you witness the way we work. CALL NOW to get a free estimate on a new swamp cooler!