Choose The Best Setting for Your AC

Your AC bill can get pricy during the summer-time. Many of our customers are looking for simple ways to reduce their AC bill while staying comfortable. Choose The Best Setting for Your AC follow this guidence. 

Lower Isn’t Faster

A common mistake people make when cooling their home is setting their thermostat too low. Many people think lowering the temperature of their home to an extreme degree will help their Home Cool Faster — this isn’t the case. Your air conditioner will not run any faster, but your home will eventually drop to an uncomfortable temperature and waste energy.

Have a Range

Instead of dropping your thermostat to an intolerably low temperature, come up with a comfortable range. The Department of Energy suggest homeowners keep their home at approximately 78 Fahrenheit. Of course, when your home isn’t occupied this temperature can be higher. We encourage you to discuss your home’s ideal range with your flatmates and/or family. Find a temperature that is comfortable, manageable, and affordable for everyone.

Know Your Thermostat

Our last tip — get to know your thermostat. Many homeowners do not know how to efficiently operate their thermostat. Take time to read the manual and look for highlighted features. If you’re having trouble operating your thermostat, higher a technician from Denver’s Best Heating and AC.  Our team will happily walk you through your thermostat’s most important features. We will adjust your thermostat so it fits your home’s specific needs.

Learn how to choose the best setting for your thermostat, and save money, stay comfortable. Remember, lower isn’t faster, set a range, and learn how to operate your thermostat. We hope you found this article beneficial. Denver’s Best Heating and AC Repair is dedicated to providing helpful advice to our customers.

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