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R-22 Freon “Refrigerant” Phase-Out

As of January 1st, 2020, the manufacture and import of R-22 freon "refrigerant" will be illegal in the United States. This doesn’t mean that R-22 can’t be used anymore, or that machines that utilise R-22 must be immediately replaced; it simply means that only recovered, recycled, or reclaimed R-22 supplies will be available for use. ... More

A working air conditioner can be a welcome relief after a long, warm day

A working air conditioner can be a welcome relief after a long, warm day.

There’s nothing like that first cool blast of air that greets you when you walk inside on a hot summer’s day. We spend our time running from cool place to cool place, seeking out the shade and lower temperatures when the blazing Colorado sun gets to be a little bit too much to handle. Although the sun is great for picnics in the park, ... More

How to Properly Care for Your HVAC System

How to Properly Care for Your HVAC System

Keeping your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system running smoothly takes more than just a wing and a prayer. HVAC systems require care, routine maintenance, and repairs to make sure they are in tip-top shape come cold and hot weather. Rather than wait until your HVAC system breaks, it’s best to check your system regularly to ... More

Signs Indicating You Need Furnace Repairs

Signs Indicating You Need Furnace Repairs

When it comes to knowing when things are broken, some problems are easier to spot than others. These issues are easy to see because they are visible, while others remain broken or not functioning properly because they aren’t as readily seen. Furnaces are one area that can go unnoticed until it breaks down entirely. However, there are signs ... More

4 Ways Your Furnace System Can Affect Your Health

4 Ways Your Furnace System Can Affect Your Health

When it comes to winter weather, there’s nothing better than curling up at home, warm and cozy. Unfortunately, we don’t always get to stay warm inside if our furnace decides to break right in the middle of a Colorado snowstorm. There are many reasons why our furnaces are important, and keeping warm is just one small part of the equation... More

Tips for Staying Warm in Your Home During Winter Weather

Winter is coming in some parts of the country, but for others, winter might already be here! Colorado has its fair share of crazy autumn weather, and early snow is something that the mountain towns and even parts of  Denver have come to expect. Whether the snow has started to flurry in your neighborhood or not, it’s never too early to ... More

Five Reasons Why Your Gas Furnace Isn’t Working

Staying warm during the winter in Colorado is no joke. From breaking out your snow clothes to making sure your windows are properly sealed, staying warm at home and while you’re out and about is highly important. One of the ways you can keep yourself and your family warm this winter is by making sure your gas furnace is up and running as ... More

5 Five Factors that Affect the Cost of Furnace Installation

When it comes to keeping warm this winter, nothing beats a fully functioning furnace. If you have a broken furnace or need to have a new furnace installed, Denver’s Best Heating and AC Repair has you covered. From heating and cooling system advice to installation, emergency repairs and regular maintenance, our team of expert technicians are ... More

Evaporative Cooler Service and Repair

Keeping your indoor environment cool and comfortable during warm summer months can be a frustrating and often expensive task, to say the least. Evaporative coolers – also known as swamp coolers – offer an eco-friendly, healthy, and cost-effective alternative to traditional air conditioning systems. Evaporative cooler, also known as swamp ... More

What to do when your air conditioner breaks down?

It seems like the end of the world when your air conditioner breaks down, especially on a hot Denver summer day. Your air conditioning is part of your life. And it’s a big part of your family’s today comfort. You spent a lot of time picking out the perfect air conditioning system, looking into the different aspects such as functionality, ... More