A Solution for Air Conditioners that Fail to Blow Cool Air

It’s officially summer-time in colorful Colorado. Warm weather means BBQ, hikes, vacations, and plenty of time outside. Still, you want to ensure your air conditioner is working well during the hot summer months. At Denver’s Best Heating and AC Repair, we strive to provide our customers with helpful advice. In this article, we will detail what you can do if your Air Conditioner is failing to blow cool air.

Turn-Off The Power

If your AC is failing to blow cool air turn-off the power. Your AC’s control panel is typically on the wall next to the outdoor compressor. Turning off the power to your AC may resolve your AC problem, if it’s electrical. However, if your AC still fails to blow cold air we recommend clearing debris and cleaning your AC unit.

Clear Debris

With your AC turned off, clear any debris that may be preventing air flow from your unit. This means trimming bushes and trees if they are blocking your AC. Clearing debris will allow for better AC circulation.

Clean Your AC

With your AC turned off and debris cleared — you can begin cleaning your unit. Unscrew the protective grills, using a soft brush clean dirt and debris from your AC fan’s fins. Clean your AC with care ensuring you do not damage or break the AC’s fan. Next, use a hose to wash your unit. Check to see if your AC’s manufacture asks for the fan to be lubricated.

Test It

After completing the above measures turn your AC on — check to see if it now blows cool air. Hopefully, a good clean is all your AC needs! However, if your AC is still not functioning properly it is time to make a service call to Denver’s Best Heating and AC Repair.

Service Call

Our team of certified technicians are equipped to resolve your most challenging AC problems. We will work with your budget and schedule to find an HVAC solution that will work for your specific needs.

Denver’s Best Heating and AC Repair company is dedicated to serving the greater Denver, Colorado area. We understand the importance of providing quality workmanship and excellent customer service; consequently, we maintain an A+ rating with the BBB. We encourage you to work with our qualified team of professionals. Feel free to give us a call: 303-327-9208. We look forward to hearing from you.